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Being the one people have always come to for advice, I'm using my gifts as a dating & life coach to help you recognize how valuable you are as a woman and to own your power as the Queen you are so you can stop settling and live the life you rightfully deserve.  

Poet & Speaker


As an author, poet, and International speaker, Radesha "Desh" Dixon has an understanding of how women have been conditioned to settle and it's her mission to help you break the cycle of repeated broken records and create a new trend for yourself and loved ones.  She is the Creator & Founder of No More Broken Records®, a movement to empower women not to settle.  She was featured in the 'Secret Mirror' with Dr. Joe Vitale.  She was featured on the Huffington Post.

Model & Pageant Titleholder


The current 2018-2019 Miss Model Beauty USA titleholder, pageantry helped me grow as a woman and my platform is to empower women not to settle.  We women need each other more than ever.  It's time we take our power back, be bold in pursuing our goals and dreams unapologetically, and live life on our terms.  I am on the journey with you and  we can do this together.

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Queens Don't Settle: A Book of Poems To Empower Women, 2nd Edition

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Kings Don't Settle: A Book of Poems To Empower Men

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Radesha always have a positive vibe.  She is all about empowering and bringing out the best in women and men.  She has help me to pursue my dreams again and to always look at the positive side of any situation.  (Don’t miss her Podcast it’s a great word to start your day).  

~64 yr old woman, anonymous

Desh and I had a talk where she encouraged me to consider what I wanted as a romantic end product, just like I would in any other area of my life.  We did this by writing out that end product on a board.  Now it is easier to make romantic decisions because I can look directly at that board and decide whether that decision will make me move closer to, or farther away  from, that goal.  

~34 yr old woman, anonymous


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